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PBIS Terminology

PBIS Terminology:

Core Values – All of our GMES school-wide behavioral expectations are based on the following core values: Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Leadership.  Students are taught the behavioral expectations based on these values and we encourage you to also use these words when guiding your child to make decisions about behavior.

Behavior Matrix – Our matrix defines what our core values look like in all school settings.  This allows all of our staff to use common language with all of our students as we set the expectations at GMES!  

Class Dojo Points – Students “earn”  points by demonstrating our core values – Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Leadership.  Throughout the school day, students will be recognized for words, actions, and behaviors that model our core values. Every other Friday, students will "cash-in" their points for experiences, opportunities, and other classroom-determined ways of being recognized.  When students earn 100 points, they received a SuperPod Pass that is entered in a bi-weekly raffle for Gilpin Gear in which students are announced on the Morning News.  These processes help us reinforce, acknowledge and thank those students who are demonstrating our core values here at GMES!

Ongoing Interventions- Students who are not meeting expectations, and demonstrating the core values, will receive one-on-one intervention as needed.


“Splash Zone” Celebrations- Celebrate their success on the same day as the student recognition ceremonies

Random Celebrations - We want to encourage all of our students to demonstrate our core values by “catching” their successes. We will randomly acknowledge our student’s successes with a variety of brief activities and fun-filled surprises!