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Title I

Family Engagement

Do you want to Join the Family and Community Engagement Committee?

Gilpin Manor Elementary is a Title I funded school, which means that we are provided money from the government to help cover the costs of the learning and family involvement activities that take place in our building. As such, we have a Family and Community Engagement Community that meets regularly to plan, organize, and host a wide variety of activities and experiences that engage families and support student learning.

The Family and Community Engagement Community is comprised of staff members at GMES. This year, we would especially like to include parents/guardians in our meetings. The expertise and point of view of parents/guardians will greatly support our mission and values as a school. By working together, the parents/guardians and staff members can develop events that meet the needs of our learning community.

Membership in the Family and Community Engagement Community is entirely voluntary. We do respectfully request, however, that if you are interested in being a part of the team that you commit to attending each meeting throughout the school year. Your dedication to our mission is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested please contact Mrs. Buto at or Ms. Pratt at We hope you will join our Family Involvement Team and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

FACE Committee's Ongoing Agenda

FACE Ongoing Agenda

We would like your feedback

GMES Title I Family Engagement Survey 2021-2022